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Are you experiencing battery or electrical issues in your car or stalling while you are driving? These can be caused by a failing alternator. Instead of taking your car to a service centre, call Mobile Mechanic Penrith to diagnose and fix your issues.

We will come to you and diagnose your problem and take care of any alternator repairs on site.

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What is an Alternator?

What is an Alternator

The alternator in your vehicle keeps the motor running after the battery starts the engine. It is responsible for powering most of your car’s electronic components and charging the battery while you are driving.

These electronic components include:

  • Dashboard instruments
  • Electric steering
  • Headlights
  • Heated seats
  • Power windows
  • Radio
  • Windshield wipers

An alternator functions by taking mechanical energy and turning it into electrical energy. While your car is running, the engine powers a drive belt. This belt is attached to a pulley connected to the alternator.

The belt turns the pulley, which in turn, turns the alternator’s rotor shaft. This spins magnets around a coil located in the alternator producing AC current.

The alternator then converts that power into DC power. This power is used to run your car’s electrical systems.

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Symptoms of a Failing Alternator

Since the alternator is responsible for running many of the electrical systems in your vehicle, you will notice some unexpected symptoms when it fails. Several of these symptoms are often mistaken for a dying battery.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, there is a chance you have a failing battery or you may need alternator repairs. Instead of trying to figure out the issue yourself, call Mobile Mechanic Penrith. We can replace your battery if needed or provide necessary alternator repairs.

Below are the most common bad alternator symptoms:

Symptoms of a Failing Alternator
  • Dead Battery

    You may have a dead battery even though there is nothing wrong with it. A bad alternator will not be able to keep your battery charged and your engine running.
  • Car Has Trouble Starting

    When the alternator begins to fail, it may still be charging the battery. However, it may not be enough to start the battery every time.
  • Stalling While Driving

    The alternator has to be working correctly to keep the engine running. If the alternator is going bad, your vehicle can stall while you are driving.
  • Dim or Bright Lights

    A failing alternator will not be able to provide consistent voltage. This can cause the headlights to get dim or extremely bright. In some instances, you may notice them flickering.
  • Malfunctioning Electronics

    When the alternator is not supplying the proper amount of power to the electronics, they will begin to malfunction. Some things you may experience are slow windows, inaccurate dashboard readings, the radio will not work right, among many other symptoms.
  • A Whining Noise

    If you are hearing a strange whining noise under the hood of your car, it could be the alternator.
  • A Burning Smell

    When the internal components of the alternator begin to wear out, a foul odour may be emitted. The odour may smell like burning rubber or an electrical fire.
Most Common Bad Alternator Symptoms
  • Illuminated Battery Warning Light

    The battery light is not only triggered by an issue with the battery. It can also be triggered when your vehicle needs alternator repairs or an alternator replacement.

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Alternators often last for the lifetime of a vehicle. However, just as with any other component they can go bad. Everyday wear and tear along with the extreme heat produced by your vehicle can lead to failure.

If you believe your alternator is failing, speak to us about alternator reconditioning, replacement, and repairs.

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