Radiator Repairs in Penrith and Western Sydney

Mobile Mechanic Penrith is here for you when you need us. We can take care of all your vehicle service needs including radiator repair and radiator replacement. It does not matter if you are at home or work, we have got you covered.

When you need your car serviced, you should not have to waste your valuable time sitting around a service centre. You have more important things you can be doing. That is why we come to you, and we are always on time.

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What is a Radiator?

A radiator is a critical component in your vehicle. It is part of the cooling system that keeps your vehicle running at an optimum temperature. The hot coolant is passed through the fins of the radiator, helping to disperse the heat.

Then the cooled coolant is re-circulated through the engine. This happens repeatedly to prevent overheating.

Radiator Repairs in Penrith and Western Sydney

Symptoms Your Vehicle Needs Radiator Repair

There are several symptoms you may encounter when your vehicle needs radiator repair or replacement.

  • Leaking Coolant

    Most drivers realise they have an issue when they spot a puddle of coolant under their vehicle. If you have leaking coolant, do not continue to drive. Your vehicle requires a specific amount of coolant to keep your engine cool.
  • Overheating Engine

    If the coolant level is low, the engine will not get enough coolant to keep it running at an optimum temperature. Instead, it will overheat. Continuing to drive your vehicle with an overheating engine can lead to complete engine failure and other component damage.
  • Exhaust Smoke

    White smoke coming from the exhaust can be due to coolant leaking into the cylinder.
  • Bubbles in the Radiator

    A bubbling radiator can be caused by a coolant leak, allowing gasses to enter the radiator. It can also be due to engine or head gasket damage. If your engine is overheating, never remove the radiator cap until the vehicle has cooled down completely.

    Removal of the cap, when the coolant is hot, can cause the liquid to spray out. If it hits you, you will be severely burned.
  • Triggered Check Engine Light

    There are many different issues that can trigger the check engine light. If your check engine light is illuminated, call us. Our technicians can run a diagnostic scan and determine the exact cause of the problem. If the light is flashing, do not continue driving.

Call 02 4708 9120 For Your Radiator Repair Needs

Radiator Replacement Penrith

Can You Drive When You Need Radiator Repair?

Damaged radiators and coolant leaks can cause even more damage to your vehicle. Running your engine hot can damage the engine and the transmission. You may also break down and have an accident.

Preventing Radiator Failure

Preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent issues with your radiator. This includes checking your coolant level, flushing the coolant and coolant changes. However, there are instances when components can fail without notice. If your engine ever starts to overheat while driving, pull safely off the road and turn the engine off.

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At Mobile Mechanic Penrith, we take the hassle out of vehicle repair. We have over 15 years of experience and take pride in all our work. You can count on us to be on time, and we always adhere to the Motor Industry of Australia code of conduct.

When you call us, you can be certain you are getting high quality service. When there is an issue with your vehicle’s radiator, the engine can be damaged. Do not continue driving and risk complete engine failure.

Instead, call our Mobile Mechanic Penrith office on 02 4708 9120. Our technicians can take care of your radiator repairs and provide radiator replacement if needed.

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