Car Leaking Oil Repair Penrith and Western Sydney

When your car is leaking oil, and you need help, call Mobile Mechanic Penrith. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, work, or on the road, we come to you. A car leaking oil needs to be fixed right away. Do not wait because you do not have the time. When you call us, you will not have to wait in a service centre.

We work on cars, motorcycles and small trucks. Our expert mechanics can diagnose and fix your leaking oil issue on site.

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Car Leaking Oil Repair in Penrith and Western Sydney

Car Leaking Oil Can Be Serious

Your engine is complicated. It has many components that are continuously under extreme stress. The components need oil for lubrication and to keep cool. A car leaking oil will not be able to properly prevent friction. This can lead to component damage and excess heat.

How to Prevent Oil Leaks

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent oil leaks. Oil needs to be changed frequently because over time it breaks down and becomes contaminated. Dirty oil will not be able to lubricate components properly. Instead, it will cause damage that can lead to an engine oil leak.

Indications You May Have an Oil Leak

Common symptoms of an oil leak include:

  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Overheating engine
  • Oil on the ground under your car
  • You hear a hissing noise
  • Strange burning smell
  • Smoke under the hood

Call 02 4708 9120 For Your Car Oil Leak Repair

What Causes Car Oil Leak?

What Causes Car Oil Leak

There are many issues that can cause a car oil leak. Our mobile mechanic can find the location of the leak and determine the cause of the problem. Some problems are easily fixed, but other issues may require components to be replaced or repaired.

  • Filler Cap Was Not Tightened

    If you are experiencing an oil leak right after having your oil changed, it could be caused by a loose filler cap. This is an issue we can take care of quickly. We will also fill up the oil to the proper level.
  • Damaged Drain Plug

    A car leaking oil after an oil change may have a damaged or incorrectly tightened drain plug.
  • Dirty Oil Filter

    Regular oil changes are critical for preventing leaking oil. But changing the oil is not the only thing that should be done during the service. The oil filter also needs to be replaced. The filter traps dirt and debris, preventing them from entering the engine. Over time, it will get clogged up.
  • Oil Pan Gasket Need to be Replaced

    Heat can damage the oil pan gasket. If it fails, it can allow oil to leak out. A damaged oil pan gasket needs to be replaced right away.
  • Damaged Timing Cover Gasket

    Some vehicles have timing chains. The timing cover gaskets can wear out and cause a messy oil leak. 
  • Rear Seal Leak

    Skipping oil changes, or not driving your car often, can cause the rear main seal to fail. The rear main seal is located between the crankshaft and the flywheel.
  • Failing Valve Cover Gasket

    The valve cover gasket can wear out and crack as it ages. A failed gasket will allow oil to leak.
How to Prevent Oil Leaks

Mobile Mechanic Penrith Can Fix Your Oil Leak

Oil leaks can damage your engine. If your car is leaking oil, we do not recommend that you continue driving it. A leak can be an indication of a larger problem. If your engine runs low on oil, it can overheat and fail.

You may have seen oil stop leak products. Some of these products can work in certain situations. However, they are only a fast, temporary solution. If the problem is not fixed, the oil leak will return and there could be even more damage.

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