Car Service

A Penrith car service that comes to you!

We are a mobile mechanic and come to you, at your convenience.

We do minor and major services for cars and also heavy vehicles! More details below…

We offer a variety of major and minor car services.

  • Major & minor car servicing
  • Cars and heavy vehicles
  • Book now, we come to you


penrith nsw car service mobile mechanic

Our minor car service, recommended annually, includes:

  • Fluid levels topped up
  • Sump plug washer
  • Brake adjustment and handbrake
  • Inspection of hoses and belts
  • Analysis of the cooling system
  • Analysis of battery and charging system
  • Inspection of diff oil levels and transmission
  • Engine oiling
  • Premium oil filter

We also offer a major car service, recommended every 40,000 km, including everything in the minor car service plus:

  • Fuel filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Air filter
  • Carburettor cleaning or throttle body
  • Diagnostic Scan tool to check on engine management system


Having your car serviced can often be a hassle, interrupting your busy life and hence causing you to disrupt your day.

Mobile Mechanic Penrith works with your schedule!

If you’re a parent, you can stay home with the kids and let us come to you! Even more, there is no need to arrange childcare or time off work.

When you hire Mobile Mechanic Penrith for a car service, we go to every length for your convenience.

There’s no mess left behind from the work done on your vehicle. All of the rubbish is taken away, leaving you with a car that’s serviced and ready to drive!

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We take the upkeep of your car seriously!

We use only high-quality parts because we want your car to be in prime working order for many kilometers to come.

Your car is in good hands with Mobile Mechanic Penrith.

With fifteen years of experience, we’re experts in quality service and dealing with any problems your car may be having.

Put our experience to work for you, and you can certainly trust you’ll get a quality car service done correctly the first time.

Don’t go another day with a car that needs to be serviced!

If you’re in Penrith or anywhere in the wider Western Sydney and Sydney area and need a car service, call now to book a time!